The 42-Day Recipe

The ancient yogis believed that to turn something into a habit you must practice it every day for forty days–a concept that has been proven scientifically in the modern world.

My 42 Day Recipe is designed to help you change your lifestyle; its a weekly guide to living a colorful life full of love and happiness.

This journey will start with an intro call and assessment of your current lifestyle. You will receive a personalized color reading, which provides analysis of your color chart and the different colors that are currently showing up in your life.

Following on from this initial reading, your first week will start with setting up your meditation space, color journaling, self-care practices, and basic grounding and meditation techniques. The call on the first week will include a color healing and blockage clearing using color energies.

From the second week onwards, plans will include a major forgiveness exercise. You will also receive individualized plans based on your intro call. You will get a color or two to work with, color journaling work, a meditation and yoga practice schedule, and a self-care plan.

In total, this program will include:

  • A minimum of 4 weekly plans involving

    Meditation, Yoga Practices, Color Work

  • Six 30-min color Skype calls

  • Three color healing sessions

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