Have you ever felt that happiness is just not for you? Maybe your dreams seem so far-fetched that you have stopped believing, and passions are just things people talk about. Perhaps youve lost touch with yourself and are living on autopilot.

If you feel like you are carrying emotional baggage from different kinds of toxic relationships, then its time to make a change in your life.

I truly believe I can help.

Hi, Im Walaa. I founded The Color Recipe after I discovered how to use color to overcome my fears and become my true self. Once I realized the profound effect that a colorful lifestyle could make in my life, I knew I had to share my discovery with you.

You see, I know exactly where you are because I was there. I was that girl, the one who numbed her feelings with anything she could get her hands on.

But today, I live a life so colorful that anything is possible. Im your go-to color yogini, and Im on a mission to inspire millions of women to live colorfully abundant. Kick darkness to the curb and open yourself up to shine with your true colors.

Live with purpose
and change the world one color at a time.


Because you deserve it. So put down that crazy I cant talk, and get your colors on. Lets design that incredible life you thought was farfetched.

My own journey with color started when I was on the floor in Tokyo, thinking my life was no longer worth living. I felt I had nothing. Then a voice inside me said, Park all your worries and you will see magic.

From that point forward, I committed to that message with varying degrees of success, until I stumbled upon an article about color therapy.

Color therapy is as old as civilization.

Our skin and eyes absorb light, and the nature of that light affects how we feel on all levels. We are physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally transformed by the different energies of light. Color is very powerful. It is our map to navigate this beautiful world and connect back to nature.

Transformation begins when you unite the mind, body and soul, having all of them working towards one goal: your abundance. Incorporating the ancient techniques of color therapy into your life will give you that extra boost in remembering who you truly are and connecting with your source of love.

Meditation will clear the blocks you have stored in your body, and color will give you that incredible boost towards self understanding and self love.

With this collaboration, your inner colors will shine so bright that there will be no room for fear or doubt in your heart.

This website is for you to navigate and learn more about a colorful lifestyle and kick start your journey towards an incredible life.

Love & Color,



  • This Journey with Walaa has been an amazing experience, it taught me the importance of self love and made me appreciate life and color even more. I discovered many things about myself that I never realized before I’m just happy I came across this amazing person and her colors.

    Dalal Alnaimi
  • Wala'a has a vast knowledge on the subject of colour healing and meditation. She always puts her heart into her work and it really shines through. She is passionate about helping others and that's what makes her so special. Always ready to help heal and you really see the results. I'll never look at colours the same way again!

    Saba Rahbar
  • Live The Colors! This experience was definitely colorful. I learned more than I expected and could take a great benefit out of it. I’ve gone through a very hard period in my life and received so much support and good energy from Wala. During the 42-Day Recipe I made a huge development and absolutely found joy and happiness again. Practicing the exercices I learned will from now on always be a helpful tool in my life. Wala taught me how to deal best with challenging situations and how to use my own energy resources. I feel how faith manifests in myself. I’m very grateful that our pathes crossed and I had the chance to taste your recipe. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and skills. Never stop coloring the world!

    Simone Vogel
  • I had a 20 minute consultation, and also attended a workshop! I left feeling energized and excited about what is to come. I look forward to more color work ahead!

    Sara Coleman
  • I attended the color workshop for happiness! It was a lovely workshop with a beautiful way to look at the world around us! Wala'a was great, answering all and any questions asked and the whole experience was very soothing! Can't wait to put into practice what I have learnt! Thank you! 🙂

    Maryam Albakri
  • Color Meditation improved my meditation, I could release thoughts easier because of the use of different senses during this meditation. The beauty of it is that the effects last even after the session–your friends and family will notice the difference in your mood.

    Walaa AlKadi
  • "Walaa the super talented color therapist+yogi suggested I focus and wear golden and pink and I DID! And it made a huge difference. I really enjoyed her webinar with Stacey Jessop, enjoyed the tips she suggested during the webinar."

    Yusra Sawi
  • "As soon as I allowed the meditations to work, I felt relaxed. I found a calm side in me during the meditations that I never knew existed. I found something I could count on."

    Sharon D'Souza

Professional Bio

Walaa is a Certified Color Therapist, 200hr Certified Yoga instructor, and Certified Color Time Consultant who has been in practice for over 4 years with clients from all around the globe.

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